Planning is constantly key to a certain execution. You may have your moves down however is your over all introduction cleaned? What are the judges paying heed to past your move procedure? As a teacher in front of an audience Beauty and Professional Presentation for entertainers, I had an opportunity to visit with a well known national move tradition and rivalry. It was during those time of introduction I delighted in the chance to become more acquainted with rivalry judges, investigate their perceptions and ask “past procedure what makes an extraordinary execution and introduction”? Here is within scoop on what judges pay heed to and what causes you emerge like an expert.

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Whether you’ve just started on the circuit or you’re already the proud owner of several medals, dance competitions can be nerve-wracking. How can you make the most of the experience? Three former comp kids who’ve gone on to find major success in their careers shared their top tips.

  1. The minute you step out onto the stage you are on! Make sure you enter the spotlight poised, smiling and in good form. You should exit the same way.
  2. Watch facial expressions. Don’t make faces (look strained, lips puckered ect.) while performing. This can create a distraction. Make eye contact, smile and look passionate about your performance keeping your face relaxed.
  3. When performing unless it’s part of the number, avoid mouthing the words. This can create another distraction that takes away from your performance. The exception is when performing a musical number with a singing or speaking part.
  4. Don’t move music tempo faster than the song. Need a faster tempo? Find one.
  5. Watch undergarments. Be sure they match and do not show under costume.
  6. Wear costumes and accessories that are secure to avoid embarrassing wardrobe problems.
  7. Don’t over do the bling. Choose two rhinestone accessories. Example: earrings and a choker but skip the bracelet and hair clip.
  8. Keep hair off your face unless it’s part of the choreography.
  9. If you make a mistake keep going. Don’t let a fall or any other mess up stop the show.
  10. Keep energy strong from beginning to the very end